Minimalist Musician


Short Bio:

My name is JS Ohlander. I’m a minimalist musician living a digital lifestyle. I try to keep my life simple so I can focus and work on only those things that truly make me feel alive.

Currently I blog about and share my music as I write it. It is my hope that my music will inspire and motivate others.

I also write about MinimalismSelf-ImprovementDigital Living and other subjects outside the realm of what conventional people do. I aim to push the boundaries of what life has to offer and to share what I’ve learned through my experience.

Life should be as simple and enjoyable as possible. I despise the unnecessary and the complicated. Writing online helps me crystallize my thoughts and get feedback from others.

Deeper Bio:

My Music is a pursuit that has persisted for almost my entire life. I have written a lot of music and performed many times. Right now I’m developing exploratory music using 4-string electric bass and electronic music on my 13″ Macbook Air. People say I sound like a noisy, instrumental Nine Inch Nails with odd syncopation.

You can follow each piece of music as it is created and watch it grow. This may change, so don’t get used to it. My music and the way I approach it is in constant flux. If you like something you hear, better find a way to buy or download it. It may change or disappear.

Get a quick snapshot of what my music sounds like right on the sidebar or go deeper on my full SoundCloud page.

I use Minimalism as a tool to accomplish my goals and focus only on what makes life truly amazing. Some people think I am an extremist, other minimalists laugh at me because I’m not minimal enough. Whatever. I use minimalist principles in all parts of my life because it works and it feels good.

I aim to live a mostly Digital Lifestyle. I generally don’t care much for physical items and the less I own, the happier I generally am. I use digital/online tools to make my life easier so I can focus on living the way I want. What I do own, I really like. I constantly strive to reduce the quantity and improve the quality of the physical.

How to Contact Me and Support My Work

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Contact me here.

I am not yet selling my music, but you can support me directly for now if you like what you hear or if you have found value in my articles. Just click on the “Donate” button below and send any amount you wish. Thanks for the support!

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